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LDAP Agent


Eliminated the requirement for inbound network access to the LDAP Agent. All communication between the agent and eGuardian is now initiated by the agent. Because the agent no longer needs to listen for incoming HTTPS requests, the HTTPS-related configuration (e.g. listening port, certificate, and key) has been removed, thus simplifying the agent configuration.
Load balancing is now handled entirely by eGuardian, so customers may achieve high availability by simply installing more agents on more servers.


Windows - Added support for a Windows build of the LDAP Agent for x86-64 architecture, suitable for use on Windows Server 2012 and up.
Windows - Integrated the agent into the Windows service system, enabling management of the service life cycle using familiar Windows service administration tools.
Windows - Integrated the agent log into the Windows Event Log, allowing agent activity to be observed in the Event Viewer.
Windows - Added a configuration tool for quickly and easily configuring a new agent, or updating the configuration of an existing agent.
Windows - Packaged the agent with an installation wizard, allowing convenient delivery and painless installation.
Information about each request from eGuardian is now logged at info level.


Migrated LDAP integration services from Acceptto Appliance to a standalone, lightweight, stateless agent.