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Device Trust

Device Trust macOS Compatibility

2.3 Build 1207-0955 - April 26th, 2022#

macOS - Upgrade from Big Sur to Monterey disables the authorization plugin
Windows - ATAgent doesn’t shutdown on upgrade

2.3 Build 1191-1253 - April 8th, 2022#

Windows - Security key improvements
Windows - Support PIN for Security Key
macOS - Provide the ability to skip pairing

2.3 Build 1162-1227 - March 17, 2022#

Windows - Step up authentication with password based on last login time

2.3 Build 1154-1613 - March 4, 2022#

macOS - Require MFA on reboot if user required MFA before reboot

2.3 Build 1149-2049 - March 4, 2022#

macOS - Touch ID not detected on M1
macOS - Lock after FileVault boot not working
Windows - Add Offline Authenticator UI issue

2.3 Build 1135-1022 - February 25, 2022#

Windows - Provide the ability to skip pairing.
Windows - Provide help on the pair dialog.
macOS - Add the ability to disable requiring MFA after loss of internet
macOS - Unpair doesn’t always lock the user.

2.3 Build 1116-1559 - February 9, 2022#

Added SSL certificates for new environments to improve security.
Hide 'More Options' field when all of the UI elements it hides are disabled.
macOS - Can now be installed on Monterey 12.2

2.3 Build 1101-1126 - January 24, 2022#

Settings are now applied when AutoPushEnabled is disabled
Added setting AllowAddOfflineAuthenticator - Enable/Disable the use of external TOTP authenticators
Settings are now stored in the secure store which means even admins with the ability to take ownership cannot change settings locally.
Settings can no longer be configured via the command-line
Runtime configuration. In order to change MFAUrl, FayeUrl or HttpProxyAddress an administrator will need to use the new ATAgent command ‘ATAgent rtc install company.rtc’.
macOS - Enabled support for Monterey 12.1 installs
Windows - Add the ability to sign in via a QR code scan.
Windows - Add the ability to use BLE Authentication to sign in.
Fixed an issue with Device Trust still waiting for a push notification when It’sMe is unpaired.

2.3 Build 1046-1245 - November 23, 2021#

Windows - Added the ability to login using a Certificate instead of a password
Windows - Added HTTP proxy support for eGuardian communications (HTTP and Faye)
Added support for Kensington VeriMark Guard. Device Trust now supports the following security keys: Yubikey 5 series (C/NFC), Feitian BioPass, Yubikey Bio, Kensington VeriMark Guard

2.2 Build 994-0735 - September 29, 2021#

macOS Login Configurations added: Basic, Hybrid and Advanced. Depending on the value of settings MFAFileVaultEnabled and MFALockEnabled, these 3 modes require MFA at either the Login screen, on Boot and/or the Lock Screen.
Unpairing a workstation now sends the user to the login screen if they are currently logged in/unlocked.
File Logging can now be enabled/disabled by eGuardian.
Logging now reports setting changes made by eGuardian.

2.2 Build 958-0919 - August 24, 2021#

macOS - Always MFA after FileVault boot. When a macOS workstation has FileVault enabled and boots up, MFA will always be required.
Limit rapid security key attempts to prevent potential UI issues.
Holding the enter key for the password or holding number keys for TOTP causes numerous entries in the audit trail.
Security key timeout issue. Verification will now be restarted as soon as the security key times out until either the user logs in or closes the MFA dialog.
Windows - If Security key is plugged in while the MFA dialog is up, then login or unlock is required to use it again. Security key presence will now be detected after MFA dialog is canceled.

2.2 Build 939-1628 - August 4, 2021#

ATAgent user list command to display users on the system
Enhanced Event reconnection
macOS - Don’t lock immediately after losing internet connection
macOS - Agent doesn't supply gateway mac address
Fixed: Windows - ATAgent Stop not synchronous
Fixed: Windows - Biometric crash via RDP

2.2 Build 911-1546 - July 12, 2021#

macOS - Now detects macOS 12 Monterey and verified working
macOS - Use Apple Lock Screen by default if Touch ID is present
Windows - Changed system login timeout to 3 minutes.
Windows - Now detects Windows 11 and verified working.

2.2 Build 874-1459 - May 8, 2021#

macOS - Send the user to login window if loss of internet, only if MFALoginEnabled is true
macOS - Notarized build
Regression: Timer incorrect after channel reuse change
Add Push button instead of “send another push” link
Push icon
Windows - Improved DPI scaling
Windows - Security Key slowing down pairing process
Windows - Kanji error message on an English system
Windows - UI username cutoff
Timer reset is delayed when requesting SMS or Email after auto push
Security key changes cause a random crash while pairing