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Application OOB Methods Guide


This guide will walk you through configuring which out-of-band (OOB) methods are accepted for a particular Application. OOB methods are used to perform authentication and depending on your application's security needs, you may restrict or allow different methods that meet your security requirements.


  • An Acceptto organization admin account

eGuardian Dashboard Login#

Login to the eGuardian Dashboard by following the login instructions.

Setup Application OOB Methods#

From the main Dashboard page, click the Applications link in the navigation menu.

eGuardian Dashboard Main Page Screenshot

Configure an Application#

On the Applications page, select the application that you would like to configure by clicking the edit icon next to the application.

eGuardian Applications Page Screenshot

Edit OOB Methods#

On the Edit Application page, select the Out of Band Methods dropdown menu. Select the OOB method you would like to enable by clicking the method name.

To remove a method, click the X next to the name of the OOB method you would like to remove.

eGuardian OOB Method Select Screenshot

The OOB methods shown in the methods list will be enabled for this application.

Click the Save button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.